The main activity of REMP is the assembly for third parties of new industrial machinery and in particular of:
  • cutters for adhesive tape
  • winders and unwinders
  • rewinders
  • extruders
  • coaters
  • packaging machines
  • strapping
  • special machines for automatic assembly
  • weaving machines
  • wire drawing machines
  • other industrial machinery
Remp assembly phases thumb

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The assembly phase is carried out following a procedure that allows for precision assembly and in the time required.

The customer has the task of delivering all the disassembled details, documentation, drawings and diagrams related to hydraulic and electric pneumatic systems.

The assembly phases of Remp include:

  • cleaning and painting of the parts to be assembled
  • pre-assembly of individual groups
  • realization of the pneumatic, hydraulic and plant on board machine system
  • plant control and testing
  • delivery to the customer

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REMP has seen its workshop expertise grow over the past few years, enabling it to carry out repairs and work on industrial machinery.

In fact, the workshop has a lathe, milling cutter, cropper, welding machine, column drills and numerous other devices that allow you to carry out machining, even of precision, in total autonomy.

This is a matter of work, a new customer advantage, the construction of damaged or newly constructed parts is not entrusted to external suppliers.